How to Sing Better

How to get Better at Singing

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Singing is an art – a breathtaking form of expression in hundreds of possible ways – which comes from sources of many different kinds. Humans, birds, whales, bats, mice, and many other animals are extremely lucky to be able to… Continue Reading →

Health Issues that can Affect Singing

Posture If you are having breathing issues, consider improving your posture. Although it makes absolutely no difference to some people, it can have an effect on breathing for others. In fact, many singers are able to sing while hunched over… Continue Reading →

How to Breathe Properly when Singing

Have you not been doing your vocal warmups? Shame, shame, shame… Vocal warmups will improve your voice in so many ways. They are unbelievably helpful. If you are having breathing control problems then be sure to do your vocal warmups… Continue Reading →

Singing with Asthma

Are you having troubles with shortness of breath while singing? Are you gasping for air by the end of your performance? Have the high notes become difficult to hit because you do not have enough air? Don’t worry, there are… Continue Reading →

Singing Lessons Online or Near me?

Singing lessons are without a doubt the best way to completely master your voice. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vocalist, singing lessons can help you. However, a problem arises when deciding whether to take online singing lessons… Continue Reading →

Vocal Warm Ups for Singers

It is a popular belief that vocal warm-ups are nothing more than a waste of time. However, any advanced singing coach will tell you that warm-ups could possibly be the most important part of having a healthy singing voice. Let’s… Continue Reading →

What to Eat and Drink before Singing

You can actually learn how to sing better by first learning how to eat right. Were you aware that the foods you consume may influence not only how you sing but the quality of your presentation? Despite the fact that… Continue Reading →

How to Become a Singer

Sometimes becoming a good singer can seem like an impossible dream. However, it’s really not! Whilst you may need to take a few lessons to get the fundamentals down, becoming a good singer is realistic and well within your grasp!… Continue Reading →

How to Sing Higher – Hit those High Notes!

Learning how to sing well is one thing, however learning how to sing higher is a totally different kettle of fish. If you find that you can’t sustain your higher notes do not fret, this article will explain how to… Continue Reading →

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