Voice cracking can be a huge problem while singing. You start that amazing high note and all of the sudden you sound like a croaking turtle; it can be a nightmare.

Generally, vocal cracking is most common in teenage boys going through puberty. It is a fact of life. However, voice cracks can also happen to everyone else.

Here are some tips that will help prevent this problem. Realize that most vocal problems have the same solutions, so we are not trying to sound redundant!


Something that everyone must go through in life is puberty. Teenage boys are the main group of people that suffer from voice cracking while going through puberty. In fact, it is almost inevitable.

This will make it more difficult to sing, but also keep in mind that your audience knows what you are going through. You may feel extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed when your voice cracks while singing, but your audience will not criticize you for it because it is not your fault.

Many other teens are in the same boat as you. For example, even Justin Bieber, a teenage singing superstar, has recently started going through puberty. His voice has cracked but he just shrugs it off and keeps on going. This is what you need to do as well.

If you have been practicing and working on improving your vocal abilities, your voice cracking will occur less often and your singing in general will also improve. So do not worry, this stage of life will be over before you know it.

The effect of asthma on singing should also be considered.

Vocal Warm Ups

Oh the good ol’ vocal warmups… Yep, vocal warmups help with voice cracking as well! They especially help to “warm up” your voice (fancy that). When your vocal chords are “warmed up,” your voice will crack less.


As stated in the articles about preventing a sore throat and recovering from a lost voice, staying properly hydrated has a great impact on the health of your vocal folds. If you do not drink a lot of water every day (at least 8 glasses), your vocal folds will become dry and you will sound scratchy.

Drinking warm water especially helps to soothe your throat and prevent vocal cracking. Although it may not be as enjoyable as drinking ice cold water, drinking warm water is highly recommended before and after singing.


Generally speaking, you will get nervous before singing in front of people. You want to perform well, and worry about what others think. However, you need to try and eliminate this feeling. It is natural to be nervous, but as people get nervous they unconsciously start to talk in a higher pitch.

This higher pitch can lead to voice cracking. So try and stay calm, clear your mind, and relax before singing in front of an audience. If you can keep your cool, then your voice will naturally crack less.

If voice cracking is a constant problem, try singing in a lower pitch. More often than not, your voice will crack more frequently the higher you sing. If you can take the notes down a notch, you may be able to decrease the occurrence of the problem.


Although we are talking about singing, getting enough sleep is important for everything else you do as well. The topic of getting enough rest every night has already been discussed in the articles about preventing a sore throat and recovering from a lost voice.

Just remember to make time for a full 8 hours of sleep every night; you will feel better, look better, and sing better.

If your voice does crack while you are performing, do not panic. The last thing you want to do is let your audience know that you are uncomfortable.

If you just keep singing like nothing happened, it will impress your fans and also lead them to forget that it even happened. The problem happens to everybody some time or another; people will be understanding.