You can actually learn how to sing better by first learning how to eat right. So what’s good to eat before singing? Were you aware that the foods you consume may influence not only how you sing but the quality of your presentation?

Despite the fact that we know that good diet and nutrition play an essential part in our everyday lives, by influencing our energy, our attentiveness as well as our general well-being, we don’t often stop to consider that they also can have a positive (or negative) affect on our singing. There are a variety of foods and beverages which will adversely affect your singing, whereas other types of food and diet can make it easier to sing well.

Every serious singer or aspiring singer should be aware of anything and everything which may have an affect on your ability to become a singer.

When it comes to diet, there are certain food choices which will help you get better at singing. There are a number of excellent suggestions on how to strengthen and improve your singing simply by making prudent selections regarding what to eat as well as when you should eat.

What not to Eat before Singing

When the day arrives for your singing performance, it makes sense to try and keep away from food which have been shown to adversely affect your singing voice.

A number of these foods include ice cream, milk, cheese and other dairy products. These foods cause an increase in your body’s production of flem. That sticky feeling in your throat can cause coughing, as well as throat irritation. Additional foods which you should avoid are coffee as well as peppery or hot foods.

Oranges, grapefruit and other citrus can bring about a dried out and irritated throat.

What not to Drink before Singing

You should avoid any and all carbonated beverages. The carbonation tends to increase the amount of air in your stomach, resulting in increased belching, often occurring during your singing performance. Not a good situation!

You should also avoid very cold beverages and foods prior to singing since it has been shown that these foods can make your throat compress. Alcoholic beverages and junk food should not be consumed prior to performing.

What to Eat before Singing?

Despite the fact that you can find a variety of foods which can ruin your presentation, there are many more food choices available which will not adversely affect your ability to sing well and which in fact may prove helpful to your singing.

Foods such as these are not only enjoyable but furnish important nutritional value which is important for your overall good health. By simply investing a small amount of time and carefully selecting the right foods and beverages before it is time to perform, you can have a significant positive effect on the outcome.

It would be best to steer clear of all food at least sixty minutes prior to singing. By refraining from food before your performance, you will avoid the difficulties which result from the digestive process, such as burping. Food can cause both stomach and throat irritation and it is best to refrain until after the performance has been concluded.

What to Drink before Singing?

One which immediately comes to mind is hot tea. Another food is hard candy. Both have been found to be quite helpful to your voice.

When it comes to meals, the best choices include seafood, fresh vegetables, fruit and clear liquids.

How much time should I leave between Eating and Singing?

The ideal time for eating would be two to three hours before your singing performance. Eating a well balanced and nutritious meal is always best.

Eating in this way will allow your body to gain energy and essential nutrition needed for a good show. This will also permit you to complete digestion without any effect on your ability to sing well. A full stomach is not only uncomfortable but also puts pressure on your diaphragm, resulting in difficulty in breathing.

For the best performance, eat right and you will sing like never before.