Singing lessons are without a doubt the best way to completely master your voice. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vocalist, singing lessons can help you.

However, a problem arises when deciding whether to take online singing lessons or local (face-to-face) singing lessons. We lay out the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you decide.

So you have decided to take singing lessons in order to drastically improve your voice for the better, yet you do not know which route to take: online singing lessons or local (face-to-face) singing lessons. Below we will give you a comparison of the two types of singing lessons so you can see which is the more ideal choice.

Vocal Lessons Online:

Positives of Online Singing Courses

  • The courses are relatively cheap (it’s usually a one time fee of around £50 – £150)
  • You can go over the lessons any time you wish
  • They have almost all singing knowledge you need packed into one large course
  • If you forget about something, you can always go back and review the content over and over again
  • They are more personal in a way that there is no one to criticize you if you are uncomfortable with singing in front of others


  • There is no vocal coach to critique you to help you and give tips
  • You may not know what you truly need to work on with your voice because you might not be able to receive personal professional advice

Positives of Local Singing Lessons

  • You have someone to critique you based on your own situation
  • Your singing instructor can focus on your exact vocal troubles and conduct the lesson based on them


  • The lessons are very expensive (you must pay for each lesson which can cost over £50 an hour)
  • You must work with your vocal instructor’s schedule to figure out a time to conduct a singing lesson
  • If you have questions about singing or your voice in general you are limited to when you can ask your singing coach
  • If you think of a question/forget something about singing, you have to wait until your next lessons to ask it
  • For those who are afraid of singing in front of others, it can be quite uncomfortable to expose your voice in front of your vocal coach

As you can see, taking online singing lessons is the better choice. They offer you much more flexibility with your singing goals while also keeping your wallet full of green paper.