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Aerosure is the UK’s only dual function respiratory device. This easy-to-use medical device has been scientifically tested by leading UK universities. Aerosure works by spinning a valve inside the device at high speed to rapidly open and close the flow of air in to and out of your lungs.

As you breathe through the mouthpiece the oscillating valve creates a resistance, vibrating the chest wall to work the lungs. Powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, Aerosure is a portable and easy to use device. If you are unsure of the suitability of Aerosure for you or are unsure about the cause of your symptoms, you should seek medical advice.

  • Aerosure has been clinically proven to Reduce Coughing, Reduce a Tight-Chest associated with Breathlessness and to Strengthen breathing muscles
  • Aerosure is the UK’s only dual-function breathing relief device, combining the Breathe Easier mode with the Lung Relief mode. It uses patented technology, developed in the UK
  • Works by creating resistance and vibrating the chest wall, to work your lungs harder and help improve breathing strength
  • Clinically proven by leading UK universities
  • Easy to use – just switch on, choose mode and breathe through the device